Academic Publications

As a Lecturer in Classics, part of my job involves undertaking research on various aspects of the ancient world.

My principal areas of research include Greek literature written under the Roman Empire, especially the Ancient Greek Novels. I am interested in how Greek literature of this period responds to and interacts with Latin literature and Roman culture more generally.

I have published the fruits of some of this research in the form of Books and Articles, which I list below.

Please contact me for any further information regarding these publications.


  • Literary and Linguistic Resistance under the Roman Empire, Cambridge University Press (forthcoming, co-edited with Jaś Elsner)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals

  • ‘Ennius Annales fr. 1 Sk. and the pseudo-Vergilian Dirae’, Hermes (forthcoming)
  • ‘Sicily and Roman Republican history in Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe’, Journal of Hellenic Studies 138: 127-149 (2018)
  • ‘The Roman army and Greek militarism in Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe’, Cambridge Classical Journal 64: 113-138 (2018)
  • Agathos Daimôn in Chariton’s Chaereas and Callirhoe (5.1.6, 5.7.10): some ramifications’, Classical Quarterly 68.2: 591-602 (2018)